Beaches are lots of people’s favourite places to go: whether it’s for holidays or just for days out, beaches hold a lot of happy memories for millions.

Most beaches are by the sea, although beaches can also form by the side of large rivers and lakes, and in many parts of the world these beaches are visited just as much as the more well-known sea beaches.

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Also, I find it relaxing, calming and soothing when going to the beach or even strolling along the beach. It keeps me grounded, reminding me to keep life simple and natural. Truth is, some of the best things in life are natural!

When most people think of a beach they think of sand, but that is not always the case either: beaches can also be made of pebbles, coral reef, shingle, or any other kind of rocks that have been washed up there by the sea or some other kind of water.

When you visit a beach, there are lots of things that you should not forget to take.

All your beach clothes are an essential, as well as towels, and kids’ toys like buckets and spades for making sandcastles.

You might also want to take a surfboard or even an inflatable boat with you – if you pay a visit to a beach shop sometime, you can see that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and your wallet.

There are also lots of games you can bring with you and play on the beach, including beach cricket or baseball, boules, volleyball, football, noughts and crosses in the sand, beach darts, frisbee, and lots more besides.

If you are looking for creative inspirations, go to the beach today! If you need a break or even if you need to find a breakthrough, keep calm and go to the beach! You will never know what is going to unfold for you and your life!

A Unique Beach Vacation

Without a doubt one of the best places to party is the beach. Any beach for that matter is going to be more fun than almost any other location. The beach offers a relaxing background for any event or occasion!

Although daytime beach parties are the most popular, the beach is an excellent location for evening parties.

Most people enjoy spending time on the beach; so inviting people to a beach vacation is going to be an easy sell.

Even though the beach is great fun, it is not without its challenges. Sunburn and wind are almost inevitable parts of the beach party. Sand on you and on your food is part of the day. Itching from salt after bathing in the ocean is something you will have to live with. Even with its challenges, a day at the beach is a whole lot of fun. Having a meal prepared on a grill at the beach is good as it gets.

Make sure you come prepared with suntan lotion, and apply it as soon as you arrive to the beach or before you leave home. Once you have applied the suntan lotion reapply it every 30 seconds. Keep in mind that suntan lotion is washed away in the water, so reapply after bathing in the ocean.

Make sure you plan to visit a beach resort that offers good customer service so as to simplify managing food during your vacation. Remember to bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration on the beach. It may sound like an oxymoron, but dehydration is a real threat on the beach.


When thinking of going on a beach summer vacation, usually most people think about the Caribbean. With gorgeous white sandy beaches and stunning clear waters, the Caribbean is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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However it is entirely possible to experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Two beaches we love!

1) Costa Rica is home to some of the most naturally beautiful beaches and sea in the world. So if you want a most unique and fantastic getaway, to travel abroad, or if you want to plan for yourself or your loved ones a different beach vacation experience, then why not consider Costa Rica beaches for your next vacation?

If you are looking for some of the best world beaches, then you have come to the right place.

Firstly Costa Rica beaches are great for families as well as for couples. If you have not been to Costs Rica you will be amazed how much you will gain from a simple and relaxing beach vacation just in Costa Rica! Watch out this space as we share with you all the wonders of visiting Costa Rica.

2) The beaches in Maldives are awesome too! The blue waters and white sandy beaches will mesmerise you!  By the way,  you can only get to some Maldives Islands by travelling on a boat or in the air and it hosts quite a few popular beaches. You are completely surrounded by the beautiful Ocean and there are plenty of activities to keep you and the family entertained.

Beaches in Maldives truly are like a piece of paradise and you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Maldives island as well as experiencing the fun that it has to offer.

Truth is, Maldives offer excellent beach destinations to look at. There are a large number of beaches in Maldives, with many resorts offering a large variety of activities that you can try both in and out of the water. Overall the beaches in Maldives are excellent to visit and they can be extremely popular. So the next time you are planning a summer beach vacation, visiting Maldives is one unique and good alternative if you plan to travel overseas.


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